Krammersluizen, brug in de N257, in Bruinisse: opening hours and contact

All about the Krammersluizen, brug in de N257, location, opening hours and contact details. On the water map below do you see the bridge in its immediate vicinity. On the right on this page you will find the operating times of this bridge, if available the maritime radio data and telephone numbers, and any additional instructions.



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Bridge times Krammersluizen,-brug-in-de-N257

Krammersluizen, brug in de N257

Vertical clearance when closed: 13.81 meter, width: 24.1 meter.
Number of passable openings: 2, the highest passage opening is number: 2 (fixed span) vertical clearance 14.73 m , width: 24 m

Note: vertical clearance compared to Meerpeil, take possible water level changes into account.

Comment bridge management (NL): Doorvaarthoogte tov NAP: 13,96m.

VHF-Channel: Channel 22, radio traffic Two way

Phone number: 088-7974750
Comment: At a wind force of 7 bft. and more the bridge is not operated.

Service times this week

All days, between 00:00h and 23:59h

Operating times all year round

From 01-01 until 31-12

All days, between 00:00h and 23:59h

Currently the bridge is CLOSED (bridge deck horizontal)

Foto: Rijkswaterstaat / Harry van Reeken
Bridge Openings
This bridge has 2 passable openings:
Opening 1
Type movable
Height 13.81 meter
Width 24.1 meter
Comment bridge management (NL): Doorvaarthoogte tov NAP: 13,96m.
Opening 2
Type fixed span
Height 14.73 meter
Width 24 meter
Comment bridge management (NL): Doorvaarthoogte tov NAP: 14,88m.

Rijkswaterstaat Zee en Delta

Administrator visiting address
Evertsenstraat 98 4461 XS Goes
Phone: 088-7974790

Data updated: 19 Juni 2024, 15:03 uur, all data comes directly from Rijkswaterstaat systems.

Is something incorrect in the above information? Please submit your changes via the Fairway reporter.



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