The water quality of Stedenwijkstrand, Weerwater at Almere

What is the swimming water like? Stedenwijkstrand, Weerwater? On the water map below you'll see the swimming location in its immediate vicinity. On the right of on this page you will find all information about the current weather, at the bottom of the swimming spots in the area.



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The Weerwater is in Almere City. It is created by sand excavations for housing and now it is a swimming and recreation. The Stedewijk beach is één of the three beaches and is on the northeast. The beach has bothered of swans and therefore is there little swimming. The municipality is looking for a solution, because it is a beautiful recreation place for the Stedewijk in Almere.



Swimming spots nearby

1. Fantasiestrand, weerwater: water quality is good
2. Gooierhoofd: water quality is good
3. Lumièrestrand: water quality is good
4. Noorderplassenstrand: water quality is good
5. Oud valkeveen: water quality is good
6. Stedenwijkstrand, weerwater: water quality is good
7. Strand in zicht, noorderplassen: water quality is good
8. Surfstrand almere: water quality is good
9. Zomerkade: water quality is good
10. Zwemstrand almere: water quality is good


The weather in Almere, now:


Af en toe lichte regen

The current weather in Almere is Af en toe lichte regen
Wind Force 4 bft | 11.7 Knopen | 21.6 km/h
Wind direction ZW
Wind arrow
Today: Vooral vanmiddag en vanavond enkele (onweers)buien


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Swim at Stedenwijkstrand, Weerwater

The bathing water quality at Stedenwijkstrand, Weerwater is good
Last check 08-07-2024

E.coli: 15 n/dl (below 1800 is ok)
Intestinal enterococci: 15 n/dl (under 400 is ok)
Bicycle shed
Sunbathing area
Sandy beach
Information board
Descending bottom, 20 procent
Diepte zwemlocatie: 160 centimeter
Fresh water
Water temperature


Measurement time: 16 juli, 13:10
(more info)
Hengelostraat, Almere
Do you have any questions about this swimming location? Contact the administrator:

Gemeente Almere Stranden
Phone: 14 036


Photo of Stedenwijkstrand, WeerwaterFoto: Gemeente Almere Stranden

Information board

The information board at the swimming location Stedenwijkstrand, Weerwater


The water temperature value comes from the nearest official Rijkswaterstaat measuring station and is an approximation for this location. Always take local conditions into account, it is usually colder in deeper water than on the shore!
The water quality measurement is based on the amount of bacteria in nanograms per deciliter (n /dl). In this case it concerns the intestinal bacteria Escherichia coli (E.coli) and intestinal enterococci, which occur in the feces of both animals and humans. A suddenly high value is often related to bird droppings in the water, for example, but can certainly also have other causes. It is unwise to swim in water where these values exceed the standards. The water manager also inspects the bathing water areas for other types of pollution, such as blue-green algae or other toxic algae and general safety features.

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