Water Map Live: frequently asked quoestions

We have built Water Map Live as logically and clearly as possible, but you may always have questions about a particular option or how the app works. We have included the most frequently asked questions in this article, perhaps yours is included too!

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1. How can I upgrade the app?
Upgrading up the app works just like that of other apps, the payment starts in the app and, depending on your platform, then runs via a secure connection to the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). We have set up a guide for both systems: read how you can you upgrade in the Apple App Store, or upgrade via Google Play.

2. I can't log in to my account
You log in with your username and password; you received your username in the welcome email when you registered. If necessary, try to log in via Waterkaart.net. Have you forgotten your password? Then you can reset this via Waterkaart.net. Don't remember the email address you registered with? Then it is best to create a new account. If you do this in the app, you will immediately be logged in and you can get started again.

3. I have paid but cannot log in
To be clear: a Water Map Live account is a free service, whether you have upgraded the app or not does not matter: it allows you to save and share your planned routes and the characteristics of your ship between multiple devices and Waterkaart.net. Nothing more, nothing less, for everyone. Your Water Map Live account therefore has nothing to do with a payment for an upgrade. Have you paid but cannot log in because you have not yet created a Water Map Live account? Then create it from the app and you will be logged in immediately, or via Waterkaart.net.

4. Ok, but I paid and no pro version
That's strange. Can you still use the payment option? Press it again, if you have already paid you will receive a message that this new upgrade is free and your app will be upgraded.

You can always check the status of your subscription if necessary.
On iOS: Open the Settings app (the app with the gray gears) -> then tap your name and then 'Subscriptions'.
On Android Open the Play Store app -> tap the round button at the top right containing the first letter of your name -> then tap 'Payments and subscriptions'.

Is that not working? Restart your device and try again. Still not successful? Send the receipt you received from Apple or Google to us at post@waterkaart.net and we will take a look. again to. We are happy to help you!

5. I have a new phone, how can I transfer my subscription?
Your subscription is linked to your Google Account (Android) or Apple ID (iOS). So that makes transferring your subscription very easy: if you log in with the same Google Account or Apple ID as on your previous phone, the app will be automatically upgraded when you first start it on your new device. If for some reason this has not yet happened, you can confidently press the purchase button again. Your app will then be re-upgraded for free.

Of course, this also works on other devices: for example, if you have a tablet with the same Google or Apple account in addition to your phone, then topping up is free. Please note: subscriptions on Android and iOS are not interchangeable. So, for example, if you have an Android device and an iPad, then two subscriptions are required. One advantage: it only costs €9.99 per device, still very little for everything you get.

6. I want to cancel my subscription
Too bad you're going, but that can be as easy as taking out a subscription. You can manage your subscription yourself.
In iOS: you do this by starting the settings app of your device. Then tap your name (at the very top of the page) and then the 'Subscriptions' option.
In Android: open the Google Play subscription page (click), there you will find all the information about your active subscription.

7. How do I get the Water Map working on my laptop?
That depends on which machine you use. Do you use Windows? Then you can use the web app at https://waterkaart.net (this works without GPS, so you cannot display your position on the map ). If you use a Macbook with M1 chip, you can use the iOS app that you can download from the Mac App store. If you use a Chromebook, you can use the Android app.

8. How can I plan a route?
In both the Water Map Live app and the waterkaart.net website you can plan a route through the Dutch waterways, you can also save the routes in your account and share them with other devices. You can read how that works in this manual: This is how the sailing route planner works.

9. The information of this bridge/lock/buoy/traffic sign or other object is incorrect!
Information about the operating times of bridges and locks in the Netherlands and all other waterway objects is compiled by numerous municipalities, provinces, water boards and Rijkswaterstaat. Ultimately, everything is collected in the FIS (Fairway Information Services) database (Fairway Information) of Rijkswaterstaat. Sometimes agencies do not know the way to RWS or they forget to pass on updated data to RWS. Do you see an abnormality somewhere? Then pass this on to the Nautical Data Team of Rijkswaterstaat via the Vaarmelder. This team will then contact the bridge manager and update the details.

The data on Waterkaart.net and therefore in your Water Map Live app are directly linked to Rijkswaterstaat's FIS database. If the data has been updated at RWS, it will also be automatically updated in the app. This way you always get the data from the ultimate source of bridge and lock information in the Netherlands.

10. I have an improvement for the base map
The base map in Water Map Live is provided by the Dutch Land Registry. Is something wrong with the map? Then report it to the Land Registry via Verbeterdekaart.nl If the Land Registry adjusts the map, it will change accordingly in Water Map Live.

11. I would like to add an attraction or my port/company to the Water Map
Nice, please! To do this, you can use the 'Improve the map' option in the app itself, by pressing the round button at the bottom right. You can add objects via the 'Improve the map' option.

12. Gibt es eine Deutsche Version / English version?
Yes, the App is also available in German.

And yes, the app is also available in English.



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